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Only 2 weeks left at JL and I am in the unusual position of working from home for the entire week. This was agreed some months ago before handing my notice in because Lesley is off on a school field trip for 4 days near Dartmouth so I need to do the school run etc. This is also part of the reason for the leaving date I am working towards of the 27th July as it would have been pretty unreasonable to expect my new employer to honour this agreement.

I have always found working from home quite difficult. When you are a developer I think it is quite easy as you can just get on with the task in hand and when I have specific tasks it is quite easy too. But most of the time lately I am talking to people, answering questions, explaining stuff etc and that is quite hard to do from home. My main aim this week is to try and do as much of a brain dump as possible of stuff that I know that I think other people may not know and also to volunteer as many people as possible to cover any gaps.

I expect to be drinking lots of tea and listening to some loud music for a change. Hopefully getting some decent work done too… rather than just writing a blog of course.
Better get on with it I suppose 🙁