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TV Reviews

Mad Men Season 4 18/12/2016

Frankie Boyle’s American Autopsy 12/12/2016

Forces Of Nature With Brian Cox 11/12/2016

Mad Men Season 3 08/12/2016

Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue 30/11/2016

City In The Sky 29/11/2016

Mad Men Season 2 28/11/2016

Fear The Walking Dead 20/11/2016

SAS: Who Dares Wins Season 2 14/11/2016

The Walking Dead Season 6 10/11/2016

House Of Cards Season 2 01/11/2016

Fleabag Season 1 14/10/2016

House of cards season 3 13/10/2016

Mad Men Season 1 30/09/2016

War And Peace 21/09/2016

Storm Troupers The Fight To Forecast The Weather 16/09/2016

Dan Cruickshank At Home With The British 14/09/2016

The Brain With David Egleman 13/09/2016

Homeland season 5 08/09/2016

Friday Night Dinner Season 4 31/08/2016

Man Down Season 4 31/08/2016

Homeland Season 4 25/08/2016

Russia’s lost princesses 10/08/2016

Queen Victoria’s children 09/08/2016

Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher 04/98/2016

Numb3rs Season 6 30/07/2016

Planet Oil. The Treasure That Conquered The World 22/07/2016

Britains Outlaws, Highwaymen, Pirates And Rogues 19/07/2016

Music Moguls. Masters Of Pop 15/07/2016

Cunk On Shakespeare 12/07/2016

Game Of Thrones Season 7 27/06/2016

Color the spectrum of science 11/07/2016

A very British romance with Lucy Worsley 04/07/2016

No such thing as the news 23/06/2016

Mum 23/06/2016

Californication Season 7 22/06/2016

Upstart crow 22/06/2016

Last week tonight with John Oliver 15/06/2016

Hannibal season 2 03/06/2016

Californication season 6 26/05/2016

Hannibal season 1 19/05/2016

The Reassembler 20/05/2016

Britain’s Nuclear Secrets. Inside Sellafield 20/05/2016

Veep Season 4 11/05/2016

London Spy 06/05/2016

Stag 03/05/2016

The Night Manager 30/04/2016

Stewart Lee Comedy Vehicle 27/04/2016

The Kennedys 26/04/2016

Lucifer Season 1 (Amazon) 25/04/2016

The 100 season 2 22/04/2016

Raised By Wolves Season 2 21/04/2016

Ripper Street Season 3 (Amazon) 12/04/2016

Veep Season 3 12/04/2016

Orphan Black Season 3 07/04/2016

Fresh Meat Season 4 28/03/2016

Cuckoo Season 3 28/03/2016

Spin 23/03/2016

Ripper Street Season 2 (Amazon) 22/03/2016

The Detectorists 16/03/2016

Arrow Season 1 (Amazon) 13/03/2016

House Of Cards (British Version) 04/03/2016

Deutschland 83 29/02/2016

Ski Sunday 28/02/2016

Ripper Street Season 1 (Amazon) 23/02/2016

The Game Changers 16/02/2016

Brian Pern: 45 Years Of Rock And Roll 12/02/2016

10 12/02/2016

Heartless 02/02/2016

Sir Alex Ferguson Secrets of Success 31/01/2016

Panorama Edward Snowden: Spies And The Law 24/01/2016

Psychedelic Britannia 24/01/2016

The Rack Pack 22/01/2016

Only Connect S11 20/01/2016

Mr Robot Season 1 (Amazon) 13/01/2016

FHM 10/01/2016

In the same way as TFI Friday, FHM was a constant in my life in the 90’s and this piece on how they are about to release the last ever issue before shutting up shop reminded me why I enjoyed it. Obviously, the semi-naked girls inside helped but it was also an interesting and amusing read.

Worlds strongest man 12/01/2016

I have enjoyed watching this since I was a child and we always enjoy it at home at Christmas. Once again, the feats are very impressive and we were very keen to see Halfthor (The Mountain from Game of Thrones) do well. Disappointed he didn’t win it but also good to see Brit Eddie Hall do well.

Music for Misfits – The Story of Indie 13/01/2016

Indie music in the 80’s was something I started getting into as my brother liked bands like Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order but it wasn’t really until the 90’s that it really caught me. This is an interesting look at the rise of Indie from the 70’s and details exactly what Indie means.

Josh Season 1 07/01/2016

New comedy vehicle for Josh Widdicombe on BBC3. Quite amusing but does tend to irritate in places.

Toast of London Season 2&3 07/01/2016

Great to have Toast back, love this program. I particularly enjoy the opening sequences with Clem Fandango.

TFI Friday 06/01/2016

This was a staple show when I had finished Uni and started working in the mid-90’s. Enjoyable to see it back but I think one series is enough. It didn’t really hit the mark in the same way it used to.

Peep Show Season 9 05/01/2016