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TV Reviews

Licence to thrill. Paul Hollywood meets Aston Martin 27/12/2015

Borgen season 3 27/12/2015

I am pretty much a fan of all the Scandi dramas that have been on TV recently including Borgen. As a premise, the idea of watching a drama about Danish politics doesn’t really sounds very interesting but I have found it fascinating. This 3rd series has been excellent as well and very touching in places.

Elementary season 2 11/12/2015

Second season of the amusing American version of Sherlock.

Catastrophe Season 2 10/12/2015

Second series of the hilarious sitcom from Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney. Well worth checking out.

Storyville exposed magicians psychics and frauds 24/11/2015

Great profile of the Great James Randi who was a mentalist and magician who then dedicated his life to exposing frauds.

Secret knowledge the art of the impossible. Mc Escher and me 23/11/2015

I used to love MC Escher at university (I still think his stuff is fascinating). This documentary was really interesting, explaining a bit of his history.

SAS who dare wins 19/11/2015

Even tougher than Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week as this is solely SAS and goes on for much longer. Starting with 30 people, they run the candidates through the real SAS training and selection process (nearly exactly). Absolute hell on earth. Mental strength needed as much as physical fitness.

Murder in Successville 3 20/11/2015

This has been recommended in the Radio Times numerous times but I thought it was rather weak to be honest.

Countdown to Life – The Extraordinary Making of You 13/11/2015

6 Degrees of Separation 09/11/2015

Horizon – Are Video Games Really That bad 08/11/2015

Horizon – Cosmic Dawn. The Reality of Creation 08/11/2015

Horizon – Which Universe Are We In 07/11/2015

In Case You Missed It 06/11/2015

Girls In Bands At The BBC 06/11/2015

Girls Can Code 05/11/2015

This was surprisingly disappointing. It follows 5 teen girls as they try to get into the tech industry. They started of not interested at all but did get more enthusiastic by the end. However, absolutely nothing to do with coding. This was more a Junior Apprentice centred around the tech industry.

Calculating Ada: The Countess Of Computing 04/11/2015

Excellent BBC4 documentary on Ada Lovelace

The Interceptor 03/11/2015

This BBC series was not overly popular with the critics and I am not surprised. Dialogue was pretty cheesy and characterisation weak. Still reasonably enjoyable though.

Walking Dead Season 5 16/10/2015

I love Walking Dead. Relentlessly grim and depressing, I can’t imagine how these people continue to find the willpower to keep running. Once again, the series shows promise of salvation and then rips it apart again.

Elementary Season 1 08/10/2015

The American version of Sherlock in the modern day with Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as a female Holmes. Great fun and a contrast to the English version.

Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week. 06/10/2015

Holy crap, this looked horrendous. Recommended by a friend of work, this is effectively a game show where a group of fitness fanatics get put through their paces by various special forces including the SAS at the end. I definitely do not envy what these people had to go through.

Dracula Season 1 17/09/2015

This American version of Dracula with XXX did not really hit the mark. It was OK but not great.

Cordon S1 10/09/2015

Belgian drama this time. This focussed on an outbreak of a disease in the centre of Bruges. Very tense and exciting.

Black Books S1 03/09/2015

Re-watched this at home recently. Still great and very silly.

Catching History’s Criminals – The Forensics Story 24/08/2015

Engrenages Season 5 26/08/2015

Not Safe For Work Season 1 18/08/2015

Humans Season 1 05/08/2015

Inspector Montalbano 25 – A Voice In The Night 28/07/2015

Inspector Montalbano 26 – A Ray Of Light 29/07/2015

Horizon – Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad? 27/07/2015

Comedy Feeds 27/07/2015

Californication Season 5 22/07/2015

Dexter Season 8 16/07/2015

Dara O’Briain Meets Stephen hawking 01/07/2015

Napoleon 30/06/2015

No Offence Season 1 24/06/2015

The Brain: A Secret History 26/06/2015

How To Be Bohemian With Victoria Coren Mitchell 28/06/2015

Premium Bond With Mark Gatiss And Matthew Sweet 24/06/2015

The Secret World Of Lego 23/06/2015

90’s – Decade That Changed The World 22/06/2015

Man Down Season 2 07/07/2015

Gadget Man Season 4 01/07/2015

Nick Helm’s Heavy Entertainment 23/06/2015

The Walking Dead S5 17/06/2015

The Game 15/06/2015

Game Of Thrones S5 15/06/2015

The 100 Season 1 22/05/2015

W1A Season 2 18/05/2015

Ballot Monkeys 11/05/2015

Hostages 05/05/2015

Black Mirror Christmas Special 01/05/2015

How we got to now 01/05/2015

Inside No. 9 Season 2 01/05/2015

In And Out Of The Kitchen 27/04/2015

Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure 25/04/2015

Bluestone 42 Season 3 20/04/2015

Raised By Wolves 15/04/2015

The Casual Vacancy 10/04/2015

Uncle S2 24/03/2015

The second series of this Nick Helm comedy is excellent. Very funny indeed.

Joy division 20/03/2015

Duran Duran 19/03/2015

Synth Britannia 06/03/2015

Meatloaf in and out of hell 05/03/2015

Catastrophe 04/03/2015

New series from Sharon Horgan who was excellent some years ago in Pulling which I really enjoyed. This series with Rob Delaney about a one night stand that results in pregnancy and continues into a meaningful relationship is very funny and worth checking out.

Only Connect 01/03/2015

Ah, Victoria Coren Mitchell. I love the gentle ribbing she gives when contestants are too geeky for their own good. I’ve only recently started watching this but really enjoy it. I feel I could do reasonably well on this program with the right team, although doubt we’d get past the first round.

House Of Fools S2 01/03/2015

Second series of the Vic and Bob show, just as bizarre as the first. Not all the story lines (if you can call them story lines) hit but very funny in places.

Archer S5 23/02/2015

Another series of this daft American spy animation. Still excellent although difficult to watch on the train sometimes. I wish they would stop shouting all the time too.

Utopia season 1 & 2 16/02/2015

This series (or two rather) was superb and particularly good that they kept it at 2 seasons and didn’t keep extending it indefinitely as I felt it had come to a really good conclusion. To quote from Wikipedia as it is difficult to describe…

“The story follows a small group of people who find themselves in possession of the manuscript sequel of a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments, which is rumoured to have predicted the worst disasters of the last century. This leads them to be targeted by an organisation known as The Network, which they must avoid to survive. Using the manuscript, they must uncover the meaning hidden in its pages before the disasters depicted become reality.”

Very morally ambiguous in places and some dubious acting but show real British wit.

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 05/02/2015

I’ve always enjoyed the RI Christmas Lectures each year when they put them on. Aimed at children they provide an interesting take on various subjects and I always learn something.

Rich Russian And Living In London 29/01/2015

Queen Days Of Our Lives 28/01/2015

Posh People – Inside Tatler 27/01/2015

This set of programmes won’t make you feel any more forgiving towards posh people but it is a fascinating insight into how the other half live.

Black Music Legends Of The 1980s 2: Prince A Purple Reign 21/01/2015

I’m not particularly a fan of Prince but can see that he is very talented musician. He is a complete weirdo but this biopic was fascinating. I always find it interesting to learn about people’s back stories before they made it and this is well worth checking out.

Rik Mayall – Lord Of Misrule 21/01/2015

Rik Mayall was a nut job. He is clearly not to everyone’s taste but seeing some of his old appearances including those before The Young Ones is great. Shame we don’t hear much from Adrian Edmondson though.

Only Yesterday – The Carpenters Story 21/01/2015

Ah, The Carpenters. Karen Carpenter has the most beautiful voice ever. If there is a better time to use the word mellifluous then I would like to know. It goes without saying that her story is extremely sad and it is horrible to see how her lack of confidence led to her eventual death but it is great to hear some of the old hits.

Timeshift When Wrestling Was Golden Grapples, Grunts And Grannies 20/01/2015

I used to love watching the wrestling on Saturday when I was a child, with Big Daddy, Giant Hastacks and the others. This is a great look back at the evolution of wrestling on TV from real sport to theatre

Timeshift Darts 20/01/2015

Peaky blinders 17/01/2015

Brian Pern s2 07/01/2015

Cuckoo S2 02/01/2015

Family Guy S12 20/01/2015