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Last week saw me conclude my employment with John Lewis after a huge 11 1/2 years. I originally started working for at the start of January 2001 and shortly afterwards the UK arm of the company was bought out by John Lewis. We started working on the new John Lewis website straightaway and launched in the first week of October that year. Those were pretty exciting times and I couldn’t imagine how things would change over the following years and how much the site would grow. We had several years of 70% growth before it started to slow down and even now are still achieving around 40% YoY at times.
The first full year of trading we took about £21M of sales and last year we took a similar amount in one week near Christmas so it was a huge improvement through the years.
The last 2 years I have been involved with the biggest project ever, replatforming the website from a predominantly Microsoft based in-house written stack to a new ATG based stack using IHS, Java, Oracle, WAS, WebMethods and AbInitio. Lots of exciting new technology for me to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed it too.
However, the time finally came to leave after I had a job offer from Sainsbury’s that was too good to turn down. It’s not significantly more money but does give better opportunities to learn more new skills and improve myself as an architect and gives better career opportunities.
Everybody at John Lewis has been amazing since I handed my notice in and I have had so many nice comments from people which even made me wonder if I was doing the right thing. Nevertheless, time was up and last week I finally said goodbye to lots of excellent colleagues that I have been working with. But not before a few drinks to celebrate.
I just about managed to pace myself but it was a long evening so I was very drunk by the end and was very glad to be staying in a hotel only 5 minutes walk from the pub. I did not feel very well the next day though and in the afternoon it took ages to get round to see people and say goodbye to everyone. No tears fortunately.
Then a short weekend and straight back into the fire at Sainsbury’s on the following Monday.
But that can wait for another post.