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So I’ve finally done something with my website. I first registered the Roosterville domain name in 1999 when I needed a company to do some contracting work but I have failed to do anything with the website since then.

Then I saw the blog of one of my colleagues and she told me about WordPress. How had I not heard of it before? I can’t believe how easy it is to set up. But I am not going to go on a sales drive here. Especially as it doesn’t actually cost anything. Maybe another time.

I just wanted to get my first blog post nailed down and see where it takes me. I am not a hugely opinionated person so you won’t read me going on about this that and the other. I guess I’ll just post occasionally about things that are happening in my life and things that interest me.

So this evening I am sat at home, trying to finish off a deployment for work. Seems to be taking a long time. Not sure why I am doing extra hours when I am leaving in a few weeks. I am just so dedicated. Just over 2 weeks to go until I leave John Lewis having been there for 11 1/2 years. I am off to be a solution architect at Sainsbury’s and it sounds like there is plenty for me to be getting on with there so I am unlikely to be bored.

Right I am going to leave at that as a first post, just to get something up on the website. Still playing around with the settings and themes and things so the look may change around a bit.

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